Sunday, August 5, 2012

Cascading Card

I have been browsing a lot of Pinterest Ideas and came across the Cascading Cards.  I had to try it so I thought I would share what I did.  I think it turned out really great.

I went to You Tube and did a search for the cards and found a couple of videos.  They did help a lot  but I also wrote our some intructions of the way I did it.  The instructions are for the base of the card only.  You can do any type of embelllishments that you like.

Here are the instructions:

Cascading Card

1-8”x12” Cardstock

Embellishments as desired

Score the cardstock at 2”, 4”, 6”, 8” and 10”

Across the 8” sides; mark the top at 5 ½” and the bottom at 2 ½”.  Place in paper trimmer lining up the two marks and cut.  The cardstock will be cut at an angle.  Mark the wider end of the cardstock at 2 ¾” and the shorter edge at 1 ¼”.  Using a ruler to line up the two marks; make a dot on the 2”, 6” and 10” score lines.  You will do this on both pieces of cardstock.  On one piece cut up to the dot cutting along the straight edge of the cardstock.  Do the same on the other piece of cardstock but cutting along the slanted edge.  Put the two pieces together and fold on the scored lines.   Decorate at desired.

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